Mitchell Anderson

Owner/Head Coach
CrossFit Wild Coast

Personal Information

A bunch of U.S. Marines first introduced me to CrossFit while serving in Afghanistan in 2014. When I left the Military, I started my CrossFit career in Grahamstown. I quickly realized what a positive influence I was having on everyone around me. While living in Grahamstown my mom was diagnosed with lung cancer and unfortunately lost her battle.

I wanted to make more of a difference so I left Grahamstown to work on the yachts in America to save up enough money to open up my own affiliate. When I returned to South Africa I opened up CrossFit Wild Coast in Margate and never looked back.

In July, we will have been open for three years. I love coaching and changing lives and I absolutely love competing. I think hands down, my favorite movement to see in a competition is a 1RM Snatch, but I also really enjoy seeing Muscle Ups.

My favourite benchmark is AMANDA.