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Located on the Southcoast. The 2020 Southcoast Fitness Festival will be hosted in the KZN region on the Marina Beach and at the Wild Coast CrossFit Centre. We will attempt to get most of the local fitness community involved, ranging from competing to supporting and judging. This event will lead to the increasing popularity of this sport in the KwaZulu-Natal fitness community. Locals in and around the KZN region will get the first choice of entering the Southcoast Fitness Festival (SCFF) event and afterwards, it will be open to the rest of South Africa’s fitness community.

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Yes, they will definitely be announced before the event so that your team can properly prepare.

No, teammates can be combined from any two gyms.

Yes, both teammates must be in the selected master’s age group (It’s only fair).

Yes, all divisions will have a 3-day event and all teams will compete in finals.

​The signup and registration process is made easy (just follow the link on our home page).

Who doesn’t want to break away to the South coast for a ​fitness weekend?